第一部分 语言知识运用(30分,每小题1)



(   )1. Mary is _____ honest girl. She is from Britain, _____ European country. Her friend Lily is ____Asian.

A.an;a;an      B.an;an;a      C.a;a;an      D.an;a;a

(   )2. We are _______ and they are _______.

A.Englishmen; Germans      B.Englishmen; German

C.Englishmans; Germans      D.Englishmen; Germen

(   )3. Mr. Li has three daughters, none of ______ is an engineer.

A.they      B.them      C.whom      D.that

(   )4. Some people like to stay at home on Sunday, but ______ like to go to the cinema.

A.another      B.other      C.others      D.the other

(   )5. The Second World War broke out in _______.

A.1930s      B.the 1930s      C.1930s      D.the 1930

(   )6. Please hold the book ______, because I cant see the words clearly.

A.more closer      B.more closely    C.closely      D.closer

(   )7.—What do you mean ______ saying The body is overgrowing”?

I mean that he is tall _____ his age.

A.by;for      B.in; for      C.about; with      D.by;to

(   )8. When Mark opened the door, he saw a woman standing there. He ______ before.

A.never saw      B.had never seen      C.never sees      D.has never seen

(   )9. It was unbelievable that the fans waited outside the gym for three hours just _______ a look at the sports stars.

A.had      B.having      C. to have      D. have

(   )10. If I ______ money, I ______ you.

A.had; would lend      B.have; would lend      C.had; would have lent      D.had; will lend

(   )11. — You didn’t go to school yesterday, did you? 

            , though there was a heavy rain.

A.Yes, I did      B. No, I didn’t      C. Yes, I didn’t      D. No, I did

(   )12. — David has made great progress recently.

______, and ______ .

A.So he has; so you have      B.So he has; so have you

C.So has he; so have you      D.So has he; so you have

(   )13. We were warned ______ the journey would be dangerous.

A.if      B.whether      C.how      D.that

(   )14. — Did you return Freds call?

      I didnt need to ______ Ill see him tomorrow.

A.though      B. Until      C. when      D.because

(   )15.Lucy is a clever girl, I say it, ______ I dont like her.

      A.as if      B.even though      C.as long as      D.though




When I was twelve years old, my family were the first black people to move into an all-white part of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many of our new neighbors werent very welcoming. Some of the adults said   16__ that we should return where we came __17__. The children sometimes threw stones at me or drove me home __18__ .   

Most of my teachers simply take no notice of me, but not Dorothy Bean, my history teacher. Miss Bean was angry at how badly I was being __19__, but she didnt say this to me. Miss Bean   20_  her respect for me by teaching me just like __21__ else. Instead of being unnoticed, I was given a   22   to show that I was smart. Miss Bean was the first teacher who ever made me __23__ myself. She insisted on knowing what I thought about difficult questions. Was Thomas Jefferson right to buy Louisiana from France? __24__ ? She expected me to have an opinion and to be able to back it up. Miss Bean was teaching me that thinking for myself was the real key to education.

One day, when I was not paying attention in class, Miss Bean suddenly   25   an eraser at me. Unbelievably, the eraser hit me right on the hand and __26__ my pencil flying. The whole class was __27__ at first, then started laughing. This incident became famous in the school and, __28__ it happened to me, the students wanted to get to __29__ me. So thats hte story of how Dorothy Bean made her target(目标), and how I became just another __30__ in school.

)16. A. kindly

(   )17. A. to

(   )18. A. school

(   )19. A. taught

(   )20. A. kept

(   )21. A. anyone

(   )22. A. question

(  )23. A. worry about

(   )24. A. How

(   )25. A. aimed

(   )26. A. sent 

(   )27. A. excited

(   )28. A. so

(   )29. A. ask

(   )30. A. kid

B. surprisingly

B. from

B. street

B. considered

B. expected

B. anywhere

B. chance

B. look out

B. Where

B. threw

B. left

B. frightened

B. then

B. know

B. problem

C. angrily

C. for

C. office

C. welcome

C. showed

C. someone

C. test

C. work for

C. When

C. passed

C. made

C. moved

C. because

C. praise

C. friend

D. happily

D. in

D. downtown

D. treated

D. refused

D. wherever

D. place

D. think for

D. Why

D. found

D. sprang

D. shocked

D. whether

D. understand

D. example


第二部分 阅读理解(共40分,每小题2分)


A farmer grew some vegetables in his garden. One day his wife was ill and he had no money. He had to sell some cabbages and carrots in the market. The next morning he took two baskets of vegetables to town. But it was raining hard that afternoon and there were few people in the street. When his vegetables were sold out, it was dark. He bought some medicine and hurried to his village.

On his way home he saw a person lying on the snow. He placed his baskets on the ground and was going to help the person to get up. At that time he found it was a dead man and there was much blood on his body. He was so afraid that he ran away quickly, without taking the baskets with him.

The next afternoon the farmer was sent to the police station. Having shown the baskets, an officer asked: “Are these yours?” “Yes, sir.” the farmer answered timidly(胆怯地)”Have you killed the man?” “No, no, sir.” the farmer said in a hurry.” When did you see the dead man?” ”About seven last evening.” “Did you see who killed the man?” “No, Sir.” The officer brought out a knife and asked, “Have you seen it yet?” ”No, Sir.’ The officer became angry and told the policemen to beat him up and send him into prison.

That evening the officer went on trying .Pointing to the knife, he asked again,” Have you seen it yet?” ”Yes, Sir.” The officer was happy and asked,” When and where?” “I saw it here this afternoon, sir.”

31The farmer decided to sell the vegetables to      .

A. buy some food for his family     

B. buy some medicine for his wife

C. go to see a doctor

D. go to the cinema

32The farmer didn’t sell out his vegetables until the evening because      .

A. they were too bad

B. they were very expensive

C. it rained hard that morning

D. few people liked to go out on such a bad day

33As , the farmer decided to help the person to stand up.

A. he wanted to get some money from him.

B. the person was one of his friends

C. he thought the person would thank him.

D. he thought the person had drunk too much

34The farmer ran away quickly because      .

A. the policemen were coming towards him.

B. his wife was waiting for him at home

C. he was afraid to see a dead man.

D. it was so late that he couldn’t stay there any longer.

35The officer tried the farmer to      .

A know who had killed the man.

B. know if he had seen the dead man

C .ask when he saw the dead man

D .ask if he had seen the knife



Henry Ford was the first person to build cars which were cheapstrong and fastHe was able to se11 millions of cars because he could produce them in large numbers at a timethat ishe made many cars of the same kindFord’s father hoped that his son would become a farmerbut the young man did not like the idea and he went to Detroit(底特律)where he worked as a mechanic(机械师).By the age of 29in 1892he had built his first carHoweverthe car made in this waythe famous “ Mo学科网(www.zxxk.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!del T ” did not appear until 1908. Five years ago, Ford started his great motor car factoryThis kind of car showed to be well-known that it remained unchanged for twenty yearSince Ford’s timethis way of producing cars in large numbers has become common in industry and has reduced the price of many goods which would be very expensive

36Henry Ford was the man to built _____ cars

 Acheap and strong        Bcheap and long

 Cfast and expensive      Dstrong a学科网(www.zxxk.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!nd slow

37Ford was able to sell millions of carsbecause_____

 Ahe made many cars      Bhis cars are many

 Che made lots of cars of the same kind      Dboth A and B

38The young man became a mechanic_______

Awhich was his father’s will      Bwhich was学科网(www.zxxk.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯! against his own will

Cwhich was against his father’s will      Dwhich was his teacher’s will

39The “ Model T ” was very famous_____

 Abefore 1908          Bbetween 1982 and 1908

 Cbefore 1892          Dafter 1908

40Ford built his own car factory_____

 Ain 1903      Bin 1908      Cin 1913      Din 1897


Many of the expressions using water have different kinds of meaning in English. “Throwing cold water” means “not to like an idea”.
    For exampleyou want to buy a new car because the old one has some problems but your parents throw cold water on the idea, because they think a new car costs too much.

Water over the dam” is another expression about a past event. It’s something that finishes and it cant be changed

The expression comes from the idea——water has run over a dam and it can’t be brought back again . When a friend is troubled by a mistake he has made, you might tell him to forget about itYou can say Its water over the dam”.

“Be in hot water” was used five hundred years ago to mean being in troubleOne story says it got the meaning from throwing hot water down on enemies attacking a townThat happens no longerbut we still get into hot water.

When we are in hot waterwe are in troubleIt can be any kind of troubleserious or not seriousA person who breaks a rule can be in hot water with the policeA young boy can be in hot water with his mother if he walks in a house with dirty shoes.


41.If your partner breaks your glassesyou want him to forget about it, you might say“_____”.

42.When Uncle Clark missed the flightwe can say that_____.

43.If one of our friends wants to spit in publicwe will _____on him.

45.Whats the best title of this passage?



Man has a big brain. He can think, learn and speak. Scientists thought that men are different from animals because they can think and learn. They know now that dogs, cats and birds can learn too. They are beginning to understand that. They make noises when they are afraid, or angry or unhappy. Apes() can understand some things more quickly than human, one or two of them have learnt a few words. But they can not join words to make sentences. They can not think like us because they have no language. Language is a wonderful thing. Man has been able to build a modern world because he has language. Every child can speak his own language very well when he is four or five, —but no animal learns to speak. How do children learn it ? Scientists do not really know. What happens inside our body when we speak? They do not know. They only know that man can speak because he has a brain.

46The best title for this passage is      .

A. Animal’s Language  B. Man and Ape  C. Brain and language  D. Man’s Brain

47Men are different from animals in the way that      .

A. men can understand things quickly      B. men can learn

C. men have learnt to use language      D. men have brains

48An ape can not      .

A. make noises    B. understand things    C. learn words     D. speak like man

49Scientists now know      .

A. how children learn to speak      B. why apes can learn a few words

C. man’s brain helps him to learn to speak    D. what happens when men speak

50Which of the following is NOT true ?

A. Some animals can learn.      B. Apes can understand some things more quickly than men.

C. Apes can put the words they know together.

D. Apes have no language though they can learn some words


第三部分 初级写作(共30分)

I. 句子翻译,将正确答案填写在下面的横线上。(共10分,每小题2分)

我们别无选择,只有严格要求自己。( choice,strict )


你在这个时候放弃是不明智的。( give up, wise )


衡山如此美丽,值得一游。( beautiful,visit )


中国的人口比美国要多得多 ( population )


如果你用这种方法做,肯定能成功。(be sure





some   time   know   while   doing   always   inside   special   hands     fork

Every country has its own customs(风俗)and traditions. A custom is a special way of  56   something. A tradition is a custom that is passed down over  57  .These customs and traditions make different cultures in different countries.We should  58  about other people's customs and cultures. And we should  59  respect them.

For example, in America, people wear their shoes in their homes. But in  60  Asian countries like Japan and Korea, people take off their shoes before going   61   their homes.

In  many Asian countries, people use chopsticks  62  Americans and Europeans eat with  63  and  knives. But in India and some other countries, people often eat with their   64  There are many  other differences. But all of these cultures are   65  . We should try to know and learn about them.


III. 书面表达

请你根据下表中提供的材料,为中学生朋友写一篇题为“Always Be Careful”的短文,并谈谈你对中学生自我安全保护的看法。










Always Be Careful

As a middle school student, we should try to stay away from danger .
















参 考 答 案

第一部分 语言知识运用

1.A  2.A  3.C  4.C  5.6.D  7.A  8.B  9.C  10.11.A  12.B  13.D  14.D  15.B

16.C  17.B  18.A  19.D  20.21.A  22.B  23.D  24.D  25.B  26. A  27. D  28. C  29. B  30. A

第二部分 基础知识运用

31 35 B D D C A   36 40 A C C D A

46 50 D C D C C

41.Its water over the dam.

42.Be in hot water.

43.throw cold water


45.Different expressions using water, different meanings.

第三部分 初级写作

51. I have no choice but to be strict with ourselves.. 

52. Its not wise for you to give up at this moment.

53. Mount Heng is so beautiful that its worth visiting.

54. The population of China is much larger than that of America.

55. Youre sure to be succeed if you do it this way.

56.doing   57. time   58.know   59.always   60.some   61. inside   62. while   63. forks

64.hands   65. special

作文 (略)